We offer basically seal profiles from the producer REHAU.

Because of their high quality material formulation, especially aligned with your installation system, REHAU shower partition seal profiles are suitable for use in a wide variety of shower partition seal system, for example


-       All-glass shower cubicle

-       Framework shower cubicles

-       Bath fixtures

-       Other types of partitions


Advantages offered by REHAU profiles in rigid/plasticized PVC:


-       UV resistance.


UV resistance is tested in REHAU using XENON TEST 1200, cycle 102/18, alternate cycling.

Laboratory result: > 1.000 hrs. until there is a noticeable change in colour.


-       Crystal clear colour matching (rigid PVC)


-       Acrylic compatibility.


Contact by those profiles made of plasticised PVC with acrylic, PS sheets etc. can lead to stress cracking and hardening of plasticised PVCs. The use if RAU-PVC 7539 (acrylic resistant formulation) eliminates this chemical reaction.

Testing is done following DIN 53405, which states that migration of plasticizer during the test period of 15 days, at 50°C with 5 kg loading may amount max. 10 mg.


-       Structured soft PVC lips improver the sliding behaviour as regards the glass or adjacent components.



-       Store away from direct sunlight.

-       Store in a dry place at room temperature of max. 30°C.

-       Only store in wrapped condition and away from odour-forming substances (e.g. rubber).

-       Shelf life: max. one year, profiles with adhesive tapes: max. 6 months